A Foliobook portfolio can be copied to other iPads. There are two ways to do this. 

(NB: Update to the latest available version of Foliobook before performing these operations).

1) If you make an iCloud backup, or an iTunes backup of your iPad, then restoring that backup on another iPad will preserve all of the data in Foliobook. 

This is the preferred mechanism for copying Foliobook to another iPad because it copies video content, links to music files as well as image files. The only disadvantage of this method is that it copies the entire iPad content and will rename the other iPad to be the same as the originating iPad. This name can easily be changed afterwards in iTunes, so its not a great problem.

For information on how to handle this method, please refer to the Apple link 



You can also find extensive online resources through search engines. 

2)  The other approach is to use Foliobook's built in backup and restore mechanism in conjunction with iTunes filesharing.  This approach does not copy video content and may not correctly re-link music connected to galleries. But it has the benefit of only copying Foliobook data and not the whole iPad.

The following video tutorial shows how backup and restore works. Backup up means a Foliobook project can be backed up to a file that is copied to a computer. That file can then be copied as desired and restored to other iPads. 


To copy Foliobook to another or multiple iPads, each iPad must have a copy of Foliobook installed.  The outline of the process is then as follows. 

1. Backup the Foliobook portfolio using the F->Sharing->Backup menu.
2. Use iTunes to copy the portfolio project file (with suffix .foliobook) to your computer.
3. Use whatever means you like,  Dropbox,  YouSendIt,  DVD etc. to copy the file to other computers if relevant
4. Use iTunes to to copy the portfolio project file onto the other iPad or iPads
5. Use the F->Sharing->Restore menu to load the Foliobook project onto the other iPad.

IMPORTANT : Currently Foliobook can current only host one portfolio.  As a result any existing portfolio will be overwritten when restoring a Foliobook project.  As a result, this method of sharing portfolios is not suitable in every occasion.  It is best to perform a backup of whatever is already in Foliobook,  before commencing a  restore operation.