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Gallery Title Justification

Greetings, Is there any possibility to vertically align gallery titles/name on the front page in an easy way? The titles/names are justified centrally in their boxes, this makes difficult to achieve almost perfect vertical alignement. Any clever trick?

Does the vertical menu work for you?   Its on the 'Menus and Links' menu under the pencil icon. 

If you switch to the vertical menu the text on the labels is left justified. 

Thank you for your response. Attached-please- find picture explaining the problem of alignment.
(120 KB)

Ok, got it. 

A future version of the app may have more control over this kind of thing, but at present the best option is to load a background image with a guide line on it.  Then set that,  align the text,  then remove the background image. 

Thanks for advice. It could be nice to have possibility to have an option to choose a colour of a title that could be set up separately from gallery names. Looking forward to a future version.
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