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Customisation of captions would make this the perfect app

Could you add a feature whereby you could customise the size and font of the caption and description. Unless titles are positioned at the bottom the text looks bland and a bit amateurish. Certainly not fitting for the rest of the app. Also it would be nice if the overlay did not appear on pics which did not have any text.

An additional suggestion, not as important as those above but would be an impressive one nonetheless, would be the ability to customise a text box with title and/or description that appears anywhere on the screen over an image.

I think with the same level of customisation at gallery level as for the branding front page this app would literally be perfect.

Thanks guys.

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I can't promise when we can do this as we have a lot on the roadmap already, but we are planning an overhaul of customisation and metadata at some point in the future.  Your idea about the text box is a good one and could actually solve a problem we've had in deciding how to present more rich information.  Thanks for the contribution
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