Step 1 


Load a video onto the iPad


To do this a video MUST be sync'd to the iPad Photo Library using iTunes

N.B. Videos loaded simply into the Movies part of iTunes will not be visible to Foliobook.

Make sure you add the video to the same folder or album from where you sync the rest of your images

To sync your videos, open iTunes at the photo's tab and select the 'Include videos' checkbox

(please see image attachments at bottom of page)


Keep in mind that a video file is just a 'container', so all MP4 files do not contain the same kind of data. 
For this reason not all MP4's will play because they contain a format of video that iOS does not like. 
To solve this problem, if it occurs, download the free Handbrake program (for windows or mac) from and use one of its Apple presets to recode video files prior to loading them onto the iPad. 

Step 2  


Checking the video has been synced correctly to the iPad

Once you have sync'd the video with the iPad, double check by using the Photo's app, the find and play the video from there. If you can do this, Foliobook should be able to find it.

Step 3   


Load the VIdeo into Foliobook

There are two ways to do this.

1)  Open a gallery and add the videos using the same method as loading images into the gallery.

2)  Add a video as a link to the home page or a category page 
  • Open Foliobook. On the home page, double tap to show the toolbar.
  • Select the 'F' toolbar icon then Portfolio->Add New... this will allow you to select 'video' once you have installed the Video plugin
  • You will now see the Video preferences view. Use the 'Select Video' button to add the video from your Photo Library


Step 4


(optional) Set the kind of video controls you want the user to have available

Selecting the Video Controls option allows you to tune the best user experience.

  • 'None' - The user will not be able to scrub or stop/pause the video, they will have to watch it from start to end. This could be useful for kiosks or for short trailers.
  • 'Standard' - The user can pause and FF/RW the video, however they cannot stop it unless they FF to the end and allow the video to end under its own steam
  • 'Full' - The user can put the video into full screen mode, can FF/RW, pause and stop the video at any time. This is the best user experience and is the default setting.