iTunes is the way to go if you want to import images from iPhoto. Its also handy if all your images are already organised into folders on your iPad. There are two video tutorials on adding images that you might want to study as well as this article.

TIP : iTunes may 'optimise' the colour and tone of your images and make them more dynamic looking and saturated. If this isn't what you want, then use Dropbox to import your images instead to get a more faithful appearance that many professionals prefer

This approach is only one approach, we consider it good practice, but another method may suit you better. If you are just getting started it may help with your organisation and planning.

Step 1 – Create a folder for your iPad photos


On your main computer, create a folder that will only hold your iPad images, this folder will be used to transfer images to the iPad. I like to create mine on my home drive so I can find it really fast, but it can be any folder. I also call mine something obvious… iPadPhotos

Step 2 – Create folders inside the iPadPhotos folder


Depending on your wishes you can either put fairly disorganised sets of images in these sub-folders, or you can be more systematic, creating folders of images which are already pre-edited and ready to become galleries in Foliobook. The latter approach can save time. Or you can mix and match as you need with some well organised collections, and some more loose sets that you organise later within Foliobook.

Step 3 – Sync the iPadPhotos folder to the iPad


To get the images onto the iPad you need to use iTunes. Fire up iTunes and select your iPad on the left menu.

Then select the ‘photos’ tab on the right.

You will then see the sync view.

To sync to the iPadPhotos folder its necessary to click on the list next to the ‘Sync Photos From’ label and select your folder with the ‘Choose Folder’ option. Note that if you choose to sync with iPhoto the quality of images may suffer when looked at on the iPad

Finally sync the iPad using the bottom on the lower right of iTunes


Step 4 – Load images into Foliobook.


Fire up Foliobook and tap on one of the galleries. Then double tap and select the icon on the toolbar for adding images. You can choose to either add a whole folder in one operation, or pick individual images.