iOS 6

On iOS 6 location services do not have to be enabled in order to add pictures from the Apple photo library. Instead the user is asked if they will allow access to the photos and this permission is needed so that Foliobook can load images from the photo library. In the situation where a user denies Foliobook access they can later change their mind and allow image access by using the iPad settings app and changing the permissions using the Privacy -> Photos -> Foliobook menu sequence. 

iOS 5

If you load images from the iTunes library then Foliobook will ask you for permission to access Location Services when you add images to a gallery.  This does not arise when importing images from Dropbox, so if the whole idea of allowing us to know where you took a picture gives you the 'heebie-jeebies' (and not unreasonably),  then use Dropbox instead of iTunes. 

This requirement has baffled people, because Foliobook does not use information about your location, the request appears irrelevant.  We might use the information in future, but at the moment we don't even look at it, let alone record or save it.  

The reason for this is that we use an Apple facility that provides access to the metadata in images, we do this so that we can import Caption, Description and Copyright metadata from images. However the same metadata facility also allows access to the location where the images were photographed. For this reason Apple protects your privacy by mandating that the app asks for Location privileges.

We don’t use that information currently, but the very fact we use this new Apple facility means that Foliobook now needs to be allowed to access your Location. We don’t use your current location in any way, so this might seem confusing, but hey… its Apple and we have to accept the occasional eccentricity in exchange for the design and beauty that it comes along with.

So to add pictures from iTunes into Foliobook you *must* allow Foliobook to ‘know your location’ even if we never actually try to access that information.

If you find that your Foliobook gets stuck with a ‘Loading’ message when adding pictures, just go to your settings menu -> General -> Location Services and make sure that is turned on, and that Foliobook is enabled in that menu

Once you’ve added pictures you can turn it off again, as we don’t need it switched on

Note that in iOS 4.2 and later apps can be ‘backgrounded’ ie: running and retaining their settings but iconised. So restarting an app requires a bit more work than just hitting the round button on the iPad. If you have problems with your app unable to add pictures, and you have just enabled location services then you have to properly stop and restart the app.

To do this, double click the round button on the iPad. Find the Foliobook icon, hold down a touch on it until you see the ‘-’ sign and select that (it just stops Foliobook properly as with all other apps, it won’t delete it from the iPad in this instance)

Then you can restart Foliobook and all should work as before, but with the new functionality.