We've had some app store reviews saying that trying to add a picture, any picture, crashes the app. 
We have NEVER had a case, in thousands of purchases, where a user could not add any images to the app.

While we've had such reviews, we have almost never had an authentic user who has emailed us describing this problem.  So we have no way of helping these users and corroborating the experiences they relate (generally anonymously).

There are some problems which make it hard to add pictures (e.g. if a user has not allowed location services to operate).  However we have almost never seen an occurrence where adding pictures crashes the app. 

We have seen one rare case where the user could add 18 pictures, and when the added the 19th the app crashed. After much investigation we discovered that the image they were trying to add was itself corrupt and so crashed the iPad when it was loaded.

We have also seen one rare case where a single image contained several pages of data in one of its IPTC metadata fields. This also crashed the app, however all other images loaded fine. 

However, both of these were very specific one off events, and quite unlike some of the anonymous reviews that claim that our app 'does not work' 

If anyone finds a problem where adding pictures crashes the app, please get in touch with us as we can only resolve these rare cases when someone gets in contact with us.