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FolioBook on Android ?

Hi Guys !

... any plans on making FolioBook for Android ?

There are currently no plans to do this, we continue to keep Android tablets under review and this may change in the future.

I do wish you'd reconsider.... After my year long experiment with apple computers and tablets, I'm heading back to windows and android.... The only regret I have is losing FolioBook. Android tablets continue to outpace iPads in so many areas I don't understand why you would ignore this huge market.... We aren't all iSheep! Please create a version for android!

Sadly Robert there is currently no profit in Android for independent developers of productivity or pro apps.  I don't think one could justify a man years work to develop for a platform where we won't get a payback. I will say that I built another app last year and a colleague built an Android version. The Apple app gets a continual small stream of downloads but the Android gets none at all, and both apps are free.    

I say sadly because your like for Foliobook is well noted, and I hate the idea of anyone who would like to use it not being able to. 


If someone would find us the $100,000 it would take to port to Android we'd do it happily,  Kickstarter project maybe?  Otherwise we'll maintain our watch and wait approach as we don't have that kind of resource to put into it at this time.



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