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LIghtroom Integration

When is Lightroom integration going to be implemented?

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When is Lightroom integration going to be implemented?


We have no plans to directly integrate Lightroom with Foliobook

However we suggest using Dropbox to implement a quick Lightroom workflow, this approach was suggested to us by Terry White who is the Adobe evangelist for Lightroom. 

With Terry we defined an approach where provided you export your collections from Lightroom to a Dropbox folder, we support syncing that folder from Dropbox to the app. 

The workflow is like this. 

First setup 

1) Export all the files from Lightroom to Dropbox. Ideally create a folder in Dropbox called 'FoliobookSync' or similar. 

2) Open Foliobook and enter a gallery which will contain the files synced from Dropbox. Add images from Dropbox for that gallery selecting the 'sync' option in the file import dialog. This sync option is on a button using two arrows at the lower left. 

3) The initial sync may take a long time, its best to be on a Wifi connection when you do this. 

Future syncing. 


Whenever you change the contents of the portfolio in Lightroom,

1)  export the files to Dropbox. 

2)  open Folibook, go to F->Backup and Sync and select the sync option. This will allow you to resynchronise the files with Foliobook. 

Note that when a gallery is syncd to Foliobook you cannot edit the images in a gallery or their order, this should be done in lightroom and the sync in Foliobook will then echo the ordering and image selection in Lightroom. 

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