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Scolling tumbnails should return to last selected image.

Ok one problem which I find annoying and also noticed other people having a problem with whenusing it to view my work is that when you select an image from the scolling thumbnails and then go back in to select another image in the thumbnails again, it goes back to the very start of the gallery.  It should start from the last one you selelcted!!! Not the start.  Means you have to scroll through lots of images to find out where you were again.  Please fix.

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I love the app just whish some of these issues could be fixed.  Do we really need to wait until IOS 8 update as posted in another thread?  I have an ipad 1 ios 5 that I am runnign foliobook on and works fine.  Just wish these few little issues (this thumbnail issue and the ios gesture problem ) could be addressed first it would make you app perfect in it current form and anything further would be evolution.

Any update on correcting this issue?  

Any update on correcting this issue?

Hi Damien, 


Thanks for the kick. There is a lot of stuff on our todo list, so 'irritations' in usage are prioritised lower than critical bugs, but if this is a quick change we may add it to the next or subsequent update. 

Are you still on iOS5?  We are not making any updates to it unfortunately due to the cost question.  Our policy is that we are bug fixing on iOS7 and adding feature changes to iOS8. 

LOL sorry not trying to sound demanding (although I am).  Yeah still on IOS5 I am afraid as it and ipad one , so yeah fully understand "the cost question". But if its easy enough fix would it be possible to upgrade for IOS5 or is it a whole lot of different coding?   Might just disable the thumbs all together if thats the case. 

If the new rumoured 12" ipad comes out this year I will upgrade though!  So look forward to this fix on ios 8.

Yes, sorry its really difficult with the support of older iOS versions. 

iOS8 was so different even to iOS7 that just supporting those two is problematic.  To give you an idea, I'm in the middle of a one month effort to rewrite part of the menus/forms triggered by a bug in iOS8.  The benefit is that this helps pave the way for a future version for the iPhone 6+, but its a heck of a cost when we are running low on money. 

I love the sound of the bigger iPad, but its just a rumour at the moment.  I have several iPads and the difference even between the iPad 1 and 2 is very big. iPad 2 can probably be picked up very cheaply now on Ebay. My newest iPad is the Air 1, its light years ahead of the others in convenience and quality.

I too would like to see this implemented. I understand that critical issues need to be addressed first - Apple love to keep developers on their toes - but when showing work to clients it becomes very frustrating when you're 100 or so images into a gallery. So much so that I've often had to revert to using the inbuilt photo app as the thumbnail view is just easier for them (and me) so rapidly compare images they're interested in.

I hope that this will be in the next update of the app. Its clearly causing some pain so I spend some time this week fixing it. 

Right finally looking to take the plunge on 12" iPad soon. Has this problem now been addressed?

Yes it has been fixed in version 3.8.2

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