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iPhone 6+ Support PLEASE!!!

 I've just received my new iPhone 6+ 128gb and was hoping that it would allow me to get rid of my iPad Mini Retina but one of my favorite apps is Foliobook and it's a great disappointment that the program doesn't support the iPhone 6+.

Please please please, hurry up with an iPhone version!  Especially for the iPhone 6+ since it's got higher resolution than the iPad Mini Retina!

I'd certainly be willing to pay for an iPhone specific version, especially if I'd be able to port my existing Foliobook portfolios over.

Ah, sorry I didn't look back at the whole thread, I do apologise. 

Yes it is bone headed this need to support all the small phones, but its reality.  What makes it harder is that Foliobook is unique in supporting both landscape and portrait layouts and the way Apple have handled the iPhone 6+ makes it technically difficult to detect rotation. All this can be overcome, but it makes creating an iPhone version more of a rewrite than just making tweaks for that platform. 

I have to admit to sharing your feeling about the iPad and iP6+,  I have used my iPad a lot less since I got the iPhone 6+.  Your arguments are persuasive.

"...but sadly yours is the only one"


How can you say that?  I'm the one who started this thread so you have at LEAST two requests now.  And other photographers I've spoken to have also lamented the lack of an iPhone 6+ version of Foliobook.  They probably aren't willing to take the time to come here and post a request though.

Must you REALLY also support the iPhone 4S if you support the 6+?  That's crazy!  What a ridiculous requirement (by Apple?).  The 6+ is the first iPhone that really works so well for photographers, and since getting it, I haven't touched my iPad at all.

I've found a pretty good (at least until Foliobook supports the iPhone 6+) app called "Photo Manager Pro" which is working well for me.  Paul Smith, you should check it out.

It would seem like a no-brainer if we'd been inundated by requests like yours for an iPhone 6+ version, but sadly yours is the only one :-)

But personally I agree that intuitively it seems like a no-brainer, hence the 'aspirational'. 

We have other things in progress that need to be done to underpin multiple device versions, once they are in place, and if we can secure the investment needed to redevelop we will do it. 

Note that Apple don't allow developers *just* to target the amply sized screen of the iPhone 6+.  Any app targeting iPhone must also run on iPhone 4s, so we have to recode the interface to work as well on the now tiny feeling screen of the 4 and 5 as well as the iPhone 6 and 6+, this more than doubles the investment required to support those platforms. 




Aspiration? It should be a no-brainer! I've also just got the iPhone 6+ and FolioBook would be ideal for this. Surely it can't be that much of an issue to include support for the larger iPhone.

We've already been thinking about this and we would love to do this if we can find enough time.  Thats hard to find right now, but a definite aspiration.


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