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Can i use Foliobook for multiple Photographers?


I work for an creative agency. I urgently need to put all my photographers/stylists work onto one app; is this possible on Foliobook?

I need a main page to choose the photographer; then several sub sections like "advertising" or "food" for each of them.

is this possible?

Yes you can do that. 

One of the handy things about Foliobook is that it allows 

a) Each photographer to have a unique branding (background image) 

b) If someone works in mostly portrait format rather than landscape you can have an optimised portrait branding. 

I hope this helps. 

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Sorry; i have to be sure... 

So the front page can say my agency name; then underneath each photographers name; with sections to each photographer like "food" "advertising" etc

i will need this downloaded on several ipads; so i can hand out at a board meeting; and the board - as i mention each photographer - can click their name; then sub section.... and be looking at the same thing?

sorry ask so many questions.


No problem. 

Yes. You can do that.  

1. On the main page create a vertical menu with each photographers name as the name of each subpart of the folio, we call these 'categories' 

2. After doing this. Navigate into each photographer and create a gallery for each kind of photograph (food, portraits etc.) 

The second part, downloading to multiple iPads takes a bit of work but can be done by copying a backup onto the other iPads. Ultimately I hope to provide a professional subscription version that allows this to happen via an easier networked process. 


Here is the info on how to do this from our online manual pages


Note that currently video content is not copied in these backups, so if that is required then the app may not be as suitable. It can be done but requires performing iTunes or iCloud restore operations which is harder to organise. 

Quite a few agents use the app in this way. 

We hope to improve video handling in a future update. 

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