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iPad Pro

Hello. Any plans to support the iPad Pro when it comes out? This is the iPad I have been waiting for to showcase my images. Match made in heaven. I'm really hoping that support will be implemented with Foliobook. Thanks!

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As I understand it, the current version of Foliobook will work on the iPad pro, but it may not be optimised for that platform. 

I'd be interested in what you think the main benefits of the iPad pro will be.  I think I know what I think, but I'm interested in your perspective. 

I'll be ordering one as soon as they become available. It may be that although the current version of Foliobook should work, a new version of Foliobook for use on the iPad pro will be needed as some aspects of how the iPad pro may mean specific work by us to optimise Foliobook for the new larger screen and multitasking features. 

Hello Paul,

Hopefully Foliobook will be a smooth transitions to the iPad Pro. I too will be getting one immediately and want to get my portfolio up and running right away.

As far as benefits? I have a few:

1. First and foremost it's all about the extra screen size and resolution for showcasing my photography and video portfolio. This I feel is by far the best feature for me. Too often I find the size of the current iPad's too small. When talking to several people at once during a portfolio viewing I wish the screen was bigger and clearer. It's important to make an impact immediately

2. I currently use my iPad as a secondary screen for clients when shooting jobs with Capture One Pro. This way the client has their own screen that they can look at and walk around freely with too. Besides the convenience of having the shoot literally in the palm of their hands they can also make selects immediately. I find this to be a very useful tool.

3. Using the iPad Pro as a place to sketch out ideas to clients or show mood boards. I know this can easily be done on paper but this seem more convenient. Especially with the addition of the Apple Pen. Being able to import a photo and draw over it and email it back out is a nice feature to have. Plus I can also do mark-ups for retouching etc.

I think that mostly covers what I find appealing about the iPad Pro. 

If you need any Beta testers let me know! ;0)

Thanks for the input.  The main question will probably be image sizes, luckily the Pro will have a lot of power so should be able to handle all the extra bits required. 

I plan to buy the new iPad Pro also because I need a larger viewing area to display my images. I hope Foliobook will be customized to the iPad Pro.

Brad, I guess I was wondering how different you think Foliobook would be on the iPad Pro?  The only difference I can see is support for split screen, but I'm not sure how important that is for viewing portfolios, though it would be handy when creating them. 

The iPad Pro screen will have more megapixels. I will have to create new image files with more megapixels and perhaps a different resolution. The ratio of length to width may also be different. Are you saying that the current Foliobook app can handle the increased image size in a IOS9 environment?

Yes, the current app should work OK for the larger images on iPad Pro because its mainly a question of how much RAM (memory) the iPad has, the Pro has a lot more beef and processing power. 

Later there might be a specific 'Pro' version, but in any case the current version, or a small update should ensure that things are fine on the iPad Pro. I'll be getting one as soon as they are available. 

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Has there been any development as far as improving Foliobook's ability to take advantage of the 12.9" iPad pro's increased resolution?


I don't believe there ever was an update since the iPad Pro came out but to be honest everything seems to work the same as before. I haven't noticed any image quality problems.

it works but it doesn't take advantage of the 12'9" ipad's increased real estate. It's still displaying at the smaller iPad's max resolution


We're planning an update for iOS 10 for compatibility that will include supporting the 12.9" iPad pro image size.

That's great Paul. Is there any timetable for it's release?


No timetable, but it will come after Apple provide the iOS 10 public release.  

Generally Apple makes this iOS release available shortly after the new iPhone is announced.  This year that is happening on 7th September. 

So it will be some time after that. 

I am not sure if its possible to do a beta test,  I suspect it probably is,  so if you wanted to test this version and have iOS 10 beta installed on an iPad I might be able to send you a beta test invitation. 

Apple have to review the beta tests so it might not be immediate, but would probably be possible in advance of the public release. Let me know if you want to have a try. 

I see that the latest response in this thread is a year old so I assume people have used Foliobook on the iPad Pro. I wonder if folks I’ve run into the same problem I have? When I went to transfer my old iPad to the new iPad Pro, I got a msg that there were apps too old to transfer and it wouldn’t work. End results is I can’t get my Foliobook back-up to the new machine that way and since Apple no longer uses iTunes for app support, I can’t figure out how to copy my Foliobook galleries to the new iPad Pro simply. I could of course rebuild them but that’s a lot of work for all the time I have invested in the old program. Help, anyone!
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