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Is there a way to upload more than 250 pictures ?


I am working in a design showroom in Paris and I would li to buy the app to show all my products to my clients. But I have about 610 pictures, so my question is: is there a way to go over the 250 pictures with app ? On the app website it's written "up to 250 pictures".

Thank you.



Hi Alex, 

You can have 250 images in each 'gallery' i.e.: separate slideshows of 250 images but there is no overall limit, so as long as you can group your 610 images into three sub sections it will be fine. 

This is how it works for viewing on the iPad. 

Note our beta web publishing module which uploads images to the web and creates an online web slideshow is currently limited in image upload numbers because it is experimental. That is limited I think to 250 images. 

Hi Paul,

Thank you very much for your answer.
Just need a confirmation: If I understand well, I can make three categories (or 'gallery') with a maximum of 250 pictures per category (so 750 images in total).
What I need is some categories like: 'sofa', 'chair', 'lights', 'stool', 'table' ...

Thank you again



Yes thats right, but there is no limit to the total number of images, you can have a thousand galleries of 250 images each if you have a big enough iPad. 

You can also group galleries into 'pages' that we call categories for navigation and organisational purposes, theres no limit to those either. 

Ok, thank you it's really help full. One last question: Is it possible in the homepage to have pictures which scroll ? I want that when nobody is touching the Ipad pictures scrolling automatically.

Thanks Paul



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