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IOS gestures

Zooming in with the usual two-finger gesture works fine; zooming out often kicks me back to the gallery menu. 

Thanks for making a great product.


Hello, I have the same issue.  It's WAY too easy to zoom out and instantly go back to the menu page.  The first zoom out pinch should put the image back to the default size.  A second gesture should take it back to the menu.  

Very annoying and a big problem when I have other people view my portfolio.  Any solutions?

Yep very annoying does it to me all the time and a makeup artist I met the other day was using foliobook and had the same issue.  This needs to be addressed.  

Might one, perhaps, conclude that this product has been abandoned?


Hi Jos, 

Sorry, I don't monitor these forums closely enough. As we updated the software within the last week I hope that shows that the product is far from being abandoned as it takes a lot of work to make an update.

The zooming to navigate back was included as an intentional decision, but it's one that is proving problematic, particularly for people not familiar with the app. 

It's something we should look at again as we work through revamping the slideshow presentations after the iOS 8 update thats coming. 

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