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 While I absolutely love the app I am wondering if some things will ever be implemented.

1.  Will we ever be able to create pages within the app?  For instance, while in edit/thumbnail screen, dragging and dropping a picture onto another picture (much like creating a folder of apps in iOS) could create a page, where we could layout several pictures to display on screen at once, with the option of having a few different layouts depending on how many we wanted to see at once.  For instance, make a page where I can show 2 vertical images side by side, or a 4x2 row of images to fill the screen.  I know I could make these myself in photoshop and then import them as single jpgs, but this would be such a powerful and great feature.

2.  Is or will it ever be possible to add borders to our images?  Say I have a portfolio where I don't want all the images to display full screen, I want them all to framed on a black or white background.  Simply adjust the size of the frame to taste, and apply across the entire portfolio.  This would also be an amazing feature to have.

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Thank you for the suggestions, these ideas haven't been requested before so haven't been in the forefront of my thinking even though its something that has been considered. 

They are a useful jogger and will be added to our suggestion list for future consideration.

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