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I am new to Foliobook and ipads too. I have set up a foliobook gallery page on my ipad with about 10 galleries and 3 videos. Is there a way to add a thumbnail image with the gallery name link? I don't see that option.

Using the newest ipad air retina

Thanks in advance,

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This capability is not currently available but is on the future suggestions list. Keep checking the updates.

Thanks. Look forward to that! Should make it even nicer than it already is.


Ah, this is one of my four requests too :-)

Added a tick to our suggestions box. 

Still on my 'wanted features' list.


On mine too. I did get 80% of a new UI created of which this was a part, but events meant 3 months of work didn't yet get integrated. 

I hope that this will be a future element of Foliobook 4 if upgrade sales are sufficient to support the programming effort. 

Hello Paul,

Is this feature now available?

thank you,


I'm sorry, time has been short to work on the app this year,  most of the effort has been put into maintenance and my hopes for a radically rebuilt version are still, hopes. 

Currently I'm focused on having to replace the Dropbox code, because Dropbox has radically changed how that works, so it will be a while before I can return to new functionality. 

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